ABC was formed in 1985 with the goal of maintaining the momentum of the 1988 Olympic Winter Games held in Calgary to further develop, promote and increase participation in the sport of biathlon in the province of Alberta


Why Biathlon? Why ABC?

The popular spectator sport BIATHLON is about High Intensity skiing, exacting marksmanship, challenge, courage and desire. 

Myriam Bedard's two Gold medals at the 1994 Lillehammer Olympic games, the world cup glory of Zina Kocher, and present day champions Nathan Smith and Rosanna Crawford inspire tomorrows biathlon champions. These future olympians, and others that choose to make biathlon a part of their life, are the reason that Alberta Biathlon Club exists. We develop, coach and provide opportunities for young people to excel in biathlon and life. Gold medals, world titles, championships and Olympic glory start with grass roots developing, which is the hardest but most rewarding task in sport. We Invite you to join us in supporting the sport and spirit of excellence embodied by Alberta's biathlon champions.