Public Demonstration Events:  Working with partner organizations the Alberta Biathlon Club demonstrates Biathlon with a Laser Rifle booth, giving participants the opportunity to learn the basics of shooting a laser rifle, know the basics of the sport of biathlon and get information on biathlon clubs and programs.  (Fast and Female, Calgary Snow Show, Alberta Parks Day)

KinderCup Race Series:  The Alberta Biathlon Club, in partnership with Clubs with air rifle programs offers a race series focused on athletes in air rifle programs and athletes in the first year of shooting .22's.  These are fun races emphasizing and sport development and relationship building. (Calgary, Edmonton, Canmore)

Biathlon Programs:  The Alberta Biathlon Club offers scheduled programming to complement existing sport and activity programs.  Working with partner organizations, day long biathlon sessions include firearms safety, biathlon sport orientation, introduction to shooting (air rifle or .22's) and competitive racing. (Winsport GOAL Program, Scout Groups)

Winsport Day Camps:  In cooperation with Winsport, Alberta Biathlon Club offers day long biathlon programs to youth in the Winsport Summer Camps.  The day long sessions include firearms safety, biathlon sport orientation, introduction to shooting .22 rifles and shooting challenges.

Summer Air Rifle Camps:  In cooperation with local biathlon clubs, The Alberta Biathlon Club conducts two day summer camps.  The goal of the camps are to introduce participants to the sport of biathlon, physical literacy, recruitment for local clubs and fun. 

Private Demos:  The Alberta Biathlon Club offers private demos to small groups and individuals.  Individuals and small groups that wish to try/practice biathlon with the assistance of a certified coach can book a one day session the includes firearms safety, biathlon sport orientation, introduction to shooting (air rifle or  .22's) and competitive racing.

The Alberta Biathlon Summer Camp:  The ABC Summer Camp takes place in August each year.  The week long camp is aimed at Senior Girls/Boys and Youth with the goals of developing sport specific skills, training with high level coaches and developing contacts with athletes from across the province.

2017 Canmore camp announcement-

The Alberta Biathlon Club's annual Biathlon Training Camp, will take place in Canmore from August 7 to August 12.  The camp is open to male and female athletes,  ages 14 to 16 who are proficient at roller skiing and are presently competing at the Senior Boys/Girls level, moving into Senior Boys/Girls next season and Youth. The camp will build on the traditions of Alberta’s oldest biathlon camp to include training with some of Canada’s best coaches at a world class facility.  

Dates: 12:00 August 7 - 13:00 August 12, (Monday to Saturday)

Location: Canmore, Alberta.  Accommodations at the Alpine Club of Canada Clubhouse

In the Program:   Skills evaluation, rifle fitting, prone and standing work, precision shooting, dry firing ideas, roller skiing, running, workshops and mental training.

Recreational Activities: Swimming, Hiking, Climbing, campfires.

Ages:  Participants must be 14 as of August 1, 2017 and no older than 16 on August 1, 2017.  Biathletes who do not fit between these ages are encouraged to consider the Camrose Summer Biathlon Camp.  Info can be found at:

Equipment: .22 cal rifle, ammo (800 rounds), running shoes, roller skis, boots and poles, CSA approved helmet, water bottle, medication as required, sunglasses and whatever else you need to enjoy yourself during 6 days and 5 nights of training.

Cost: $595 per participant plus Zone4 online registration fee. Fees can be paid by cheque, registration is not complete until a cheque is received.

Registration: Limited to 25 athletes.  Registration opens March 1, 2017 to Alberta based athletes only.  Registration opens March 14 to all eligible athletes.  Out of province or country are welcome  to attend.  If the camp is sold out, priority will be given to Alberta based athletes on the waitlist. Participants must be a member of their provincial biathlon association.  ABC membership and range passes, if needed, are included.


For More Information contact:

NOTE: The Biathlon Canada/Alberta memberships expire on March 31, 2017 and renewal may not be active on zone4 prior to registration.  Membership/Renewal is not required prior to registration but is mandatory before the start of the camp due to insurance.

Canadian Firearms Safety Course, April 22-23 2017

The Alberta Biathlon Club (ABC) is pleased to announce that it will be partnering with the Alberta Hunter Education Instructor Association (AHEIA) to offer the Canadian Firearms Safety Course (CFSC) to all athletes and/or parents/guardians of athletes enrolled in a Biathlon program in Alberta.   All athletes 12 years of age or older are encouraged to acquire a Minor Firearms License or Possession and Acquisition License (PAL) to participate in the sport of Biathlon.

Who can attend:  Attendees must be 12 yrs of age on the first day of the class (April 22, 2017) Parents, guardians and family members  involved in Biathlon in Alberta are welcome to attend. 

Course Times:  TBD

Cost:  $50 (You must be a registered member of an Alberta biathlon club (FNSC, CBR, etc.) or join the Alberta Biathlon Club.) Register HERE

Location:  Calgary Conservation Education Centre for Excellence, A.H.E.I.A., 911 Sylvester Crescent, SW, Calgary, AB T2W 0R8