2019 Gernot Kostera Awards

Award Amounts

$1,000.00 to one boy and one girl

Free biathlon summer camp registration to one boy and one girl

Key Dates for 2019 Kostera Awards

Dec 1, 2018 - Applications open

Feb 10, 2019 - Deadline for Applications

Mar 2, 2019 - Awards ceremony at Calforex Cup #5

Application Process

Applications or third party nominations will be in the form of a one page letter listing key biathlon milestones, sport and academic goals, other accomplishments and interest. Include
a statement on why the award would be important to you. Applicants must be residents of
Alberta and no older than fourteen on March 10, 2019. Nominations will be e-mailed with the subject line "ABC Kostera Award" to ABC Sport Development Manager at: info@albertabiathlon.com no later than midnight February 12, 2018.