Youth World Championships Team Athlete: Elise Sauve

Name: Élise Sauvé

Age: 16 years old

Hometown: Calgary, AB

Club: Foothills Nordic

Coach: Tyson Smith

Years in Biathlon: 3 years of air rifle, and this is my fifth year on 22s (8 years total)

Is this your first YJWCH? Yes

ABC-What were your goals and expectations going into trials?

ES- My goals going into the trials were really to just do my best and have fun - I wasn't planning on putting to much pressure on myself. My expectations weren't extremely high, but I still wanted to do well (I was thinking I would make it in the top 5-10 each day). In a way, I think being not as hard on myself but still keeping a competitive edge really helped in my races. I honestly did not expect to make the team, so it was definitely a pleasant surprise. 

ABC- Can you give a quick recap of how the races at trials went?

ES- As for how my races went, the first race (Saturday) was the best of the two, finishing 6/16 girls. My shooting went well (7/10) and although my skiing felt slow, I must have skied half decent (I am pretty sure everyone felt slow on that day). I felt good through out that race and after and was pleased with my results. Sunday, the second race, did not go as well, though I skied really hard and fast, which in the end helped me tremendously since I only hit 7/20 on the shooting. I finished in 9/19, which surprised me a lot because I knew I had shot terribly.