Athlete of the Week- Pearce Hanna

Pearce Hanna is a three time member of Canada's YJWCH team and is currently racing on the IBU Cup circuit.

ABC- Where are you right now?

PH- Obertilliach, Austria. I'm here for IBU cup 3, straight from Ridnaun, Italy.  

ABC- What are your goals for the season? 

PH- Medal at my final World Juniors in Russia and race in my first world cup.

ABC- What has been the best race of your career? Why? 

PH- WYJCH pursuit in Belarus only race at world Juniors where I put it all together and got to out sprint the Belarusian in front of thousands of fans finishing 13th with the 5th fastest time. 

ABC- What's your favorite thing about living in Alberta?

PH- I love the diverse landscape and available opportunities.

ABC- What has been your involvement with ABC?  

PH- I was awarded the Gernot Kostera and attended Camrose Camp every year I could. I honestly contribute allot of the success I've had to ABC's camps especially boot camp with Betsy in Camrose.

ABC- Why do you run a MAKEACHAMP? 

PH- To help me afford the Biathlon Canada Tour fees, so I can continue this sport!

Cheer for Pearce this season and help him on his journey by checking out his MAKEACHAMP HERE!