All Sport One City


Calling All Adults! Ages 18+

Have you ever thought it might be fun to try a sport or activity you’ve never tried before? Or maybe a sport you used to play, but haven’t in years? Do you want to be happier and healthier? What if you could try out an activity or visit fitness facilities with other people who feel the same way you do? Not experts – just regular people who want to try out a new sport, or rediscover an old one.

All Sport One City is an initiative of Sport Calgary to provide an opportunity for adults age 18 and older to come and discover sport and fitness activities at various facilities throughout the city. These activities will be taking place during the day or evenings of January 16 - 21, 2017.

Maybe try parkour, see how fun wheelchair basketball can be, see what all the fuss is about with yoga, or learn the basics of netball. At All Sport One City, you can try your hand at a marital art, learn how to fence, or give power cycle a shot. You can even take an introductory dance class! Who knows? Maybe you will have so much fun you will want to keep coming back!

Remember, all ages 18 and above are welcome!

Many sessions are adaptable for participants with physical disabilities, and Special Olympics Calgary is offering an all-ages session for participants with intellectual disabilities

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