Athlete resources:

Click on the links below to become a better biathlete! 

Shooting resources:

Printable indoor dryfire targets!

Study on the effects of dryfiring.

Shooting Error map by Petr Zidek. 

Yearly shooting periodization by Petr Zidek. 

For the purchase of biathlon shooting equipment in Canada, Nordic Marksman stocks a very thorough inventory.   

For a list of Biathlon Clubs and ranges in Alberta, click HERE

Where to buy Lapua ammunition in Canada. Standard Plus and Polar. Hirsh Precision, Nordic Marksman

Flying with your Rifle:

Biathlon packing tips, by Carsen Campbell

An informative article on Air Travel with a rifle, by Matthew Newman.

WestJet firearms policy

Air Canada sports equipment and firearms policy

USA firearm temporary import form.