The Alberta Biathlon Club (ABC) was incorporated as a society in May 1985. ABC was formed with the goal of maintaining the momentum of the 1988 Olympic Winter Games held in Calgary to further develop the sport of biathlon in the province and to address some of the challenges facing the sport. 

The Mission and the Goals of ABC are to:

  • promote, develop and increase participation in the sport of Biathlon in Alberta;
  • foster the development, operation and maintenance of facilities for biathlon for the use of its members and others, and;
  • provide its members with opportunities and training for self-development, leadership, competition, recreation and sportsmanship in biathlon.

ABC Board of Directors for 2017-18:

Steve Hulsman, President                              Louis Champaign, Vice-President

Eric Altwasser, Treasurer                                Justin Siemens, Secretary

Menno Arendz, Director at Large                 John Berg, Director at Large

Todd Runnells, Director at Large                 Jenny Hoops, Director at Large

ABC Staff: Jeff Lodge, Sport Development Coach


Membership In Alberta Biathlon Club is open to athletes, coaches, and volunteers. By becoming a member of our club, you make a huge input on the success of sport of biathlon in our province by supporting the ammature programs and competitions that ABC organises and runs throughout the year. 

Alberta Biathlon owns and operates a very unique Caravan concept that has no analogies anywhere in the country.  By becoming a member of our club you ensure that you and your children are covered by our event liability insurance when you participate in any ABC Caravan hosted event.

Also, by becoming a member of our club you are opening the doors to our summer biathlon camps. You must be an ABC member to participate in any of our summer camp programs. Please, support the sport of biathlon in Alberta by becoming a member of Alberta Biathlon Club and leave your mark on the legacy of the Caravan project.

You can purchase your ABC membership here